Johnson ready to move on after strong game

Eddie Johnson has become one of the most consistent players on UM's defense. Read more to see what the redshirt freshman has to say about GT, NC State, and more.

Q: Has it been hard for everyone to come down from the emotional moment on Saturday and to move on and start getting ready for NC State?
A: No, it hasn't been at all, because we know we have to do as a team. Now, we're just focusing on a good team coming down to our home town. So we got to defend our home.

Q: Do you consider yourself as one of the hardest hitting guys on the team?
A: I mean, that can kind of rallies around. Everyone is going to hit really hard; me, Denzel, Telemaque.

Q: When you see a quarterback sit in the pocket, does it light up your eyes a little bit?
A: A little bit. (Laughs)

Q: Where does your aggressiveness come from?
A: I think every football player should have that and not necessarily in tackle but as a football player you have to be aggressive. Like as a wide receiver, you have to go up to the ball aggressively. On the d-line you have to be aggressive. It's just a testosterone sport.

Q: After going through film this week, what were your thoughts on your last play?
A: My thoughts were that it was a great play, but we have to move on because we have another team. So, we can't be hyped up on that one play, because we have to be able to do it over and over.

Q: Is it sometimes hard in practice to slow down and not hit as hard as in a game?
A: Naw. (Chuckles)

Q: Your defense did well against Georgia Tech. Was there anything about GT – the fact that they were a running team – that made you want to hit more or play better?
A: No. We just did our job. Our job was just to follow the assignment and hit hard.

Q: Is it hard to switch over from Georgia Tech's unconventional offense to a more traditional offense, like NC State?
A: It's a challenge, but, once again, it's all in the preparation. We're going to prepare. We need to get into the film as a team and play hard.

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