Johnson glad he made the switch back to WR

After Davon Johnson's phenomenal game last Saturday, there has been some more attention towards the Canes' former DB. Johnson, alongside with Phillip Dorsett, went down in Canes' history as the first time in ten years to have two receivers get over 100 yards in a game for Miami. Johnson now takes some time to sit down with the press and talk a little bit about himself.

Q: When were you changed to DB?
A: I was changed to DB last year, in spring time, going into the season. Fall camp 2011.

Q: How much did you play?
A: It was all last season. It was a developing period for me, just to learn stuff and help the team.

Q: Why did you switch back?
A: The coaching staff saw that my talents were better at receiver than DB, so they made the switch back.

Q: Which one do you like better and why?
A: I like receiver, because I'm comfortable at it, and I played it at high school.

Q: You've said that you have been a Canes fan. How old were you when you starting watching the U?
A: I've been a Canes fan since I was ten years old, growing up in liberty city. I would see the big time players, and I wanted to be a big time player, so I decided to join Miami.

Q: Do you want to make it to the league?
A: My ultimate dream is to make it to the league. I've seen people like that who have made it like that, who have had one out breaking year, like Tommy Streeter. I feel like I can make it too.

Q: Did you know you had it in you? What is finally starting to click for you?
A: Just getting the opportunity to go out there and show. I always knew that I had it in me. I just had to get the confidence from the coaching staff to show them that I could do it.

Q: How was the Georgia Tech's game like to you?
A: I had to look at the game afterwards, because it was kind of a mix of joy and happiness. I've always wanted to do this, and I always knew I could do it. But what made it bigger was that it was a Georgia Tech game, and it was a coastal game.

Q: You've played four positions. Is that something you've picked up over the last year?
A: I guess I picked it up from the last few spots. I've got to contribute outside and inside.

Q: What have you been timed in the 40?
A: My fastest time here I clocked in a 4.33. That was last year in summer.

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