OL Hearing From UM

At 6-foot-3 and 265 pounds, Lake Worth, Fla. standout offensive lineman Andy Cius has been playing on both sides of the ball since he began playing football in ninth grade.

"I've played guard, center, and tackle on offense," Cius said. "On defense I played both end and tackle so I'm pretty versatile. I went to a couple camps this summer to work on a few things."

The standout lineman, who will likely play on offense in college, was at Down & Dirty's Linemen Camp as well as the D1 Camp that recently started up in Fort Lauderdale.

"I saw a lot of great players at those two camps," he said. "The best one was probably Willie Young from Gardens. He stood out. I remember him from last year. He's tall and skinny but he's really quick and makes plays."

Cius, who is waiting on SAT scores to come back, also competes on the varsity basketball and volleyball teams. On the recruiting front, things are going well.

"I've had a lot of coaches talking to me," he said. "It started in the spring when they came by and called. Then I talked to some at those camps. Right now, only FAU has offered."

Cius said all four of his current favorites called him during the month of May. "Oklahoma, Miami, Florida, and Virginia Tech, those are the ones I'm looking at the most. They all called me in May and I got a chance to talk to them."

Cius talked about each of the four programs, starting with his current favorite.

"I've always liked Florida," he said. "Ever since I was small I thought about playing there so they're on top for now. I love Miami, too. If you want to play big time football, that's a good place to do it. One of my cousins goes to school there so I've been to watch a game there. Oklahoma's always near the top and they're interested. I researched [Va Tech] on the Internet and found some cool stuff."

Cius recalled the conversation he had with UM coaches in May.

"They called and just talked about me possibly playing for them," he said. "They talked about the school, the academics, and stuff about playing there. They said they'll be keeping in touch with me later this year."

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