Mike's Thoughts: NC ST Game (offense)

The Hurricanes (4-1) defeated N.C. State by the score of 44-37 today. Read on to get CanesTime's Mike Bakas' take on Miami's offensive performance in the game.

* The overall design of this offense is very impressive. As each week passes, though, it becomes less and less balanced. Today it was 49 passes to 32 runs. Especially on 2nd downs, it seems like Jedd's all about throwing it. In my opinion, the interior offensive line, the 270-pound fullback, the starting tight end (Dyron Dye) being a blocker, and having 2 very good running backs means the Canes should be running the ball more.

* Lost in the excitement of how much offense this game generated was how disciplined the Canes were today. NC State, well coached by a staff that always has their kids playing the right away, had 14 penalties today. The Canes had 4. Kudos to the UM coaches for keeping these kids focused, even in a game like that.

* Stephen Morris was outstanding. That's two games in a row where he played like an All-ACC level quarterback. In 4 games against Div 1 opponents this year, he's been very good in 3 of them. If he continues playing like that the rest of the season, this offense should be able to average close to 40 a game.

* Phillip Dorsett is really starting to emerge as a legit playmaker. He was sorta one-dimensional going into this season but he's really stepped it up over the last couple weeks. I think a lot of credit there goes to George McDonald. Dorsett has quickly become Miami's best receiver.

* Allen Hurns has been a lot more quiet the last few weeks so I'm wondering how much the head injury against K-State has played a role in that. They won't be able to throw the ball up and down the field with the same type of success against teams like Notre Dame, USF, FSU, and VaTech though so that's probably when Hurns, a very good possession receiver who can move the chains, will likely become more of a key guy in this offense.

* The tight ends? Again, disappointing in the passing game. If you take away the short catch and run against K-State by Walford, they've done very little as a group. Dye isn't a threat at all in the passing game. Cleveland has fallen off the map. Walford's average as a pass-catcher. Today, they caught 1 of the 26 passes from Morris. Fortunately, the Canes have a couple legit pass-catching weapons coming here in this upcoming recruiting class.

* The offensive line was good again. They did a nice job of protecting Morris and they were in excellent shape throughout the game. Since Seantrel Henderson was the right tackle down the stretch run of the game, I think it's safe to assume he's now the team's 2nd tackle behind Malcolm Bunche. Jeremy Lewis and Ben Jones played a lot, too, and in key moments so they've come along enough for the coaches to trust playing them over guys like Bunche and Feliciano.

* For those wondering, Ga Tech's defense came in ranked 44th. NC State's came in at No. 30. Notre Dame currently is at No. 16 and that game will be on the road so next weekend will likely be considerably tougher on the offense than the previous two.

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