Green ready for ND's challenge

Shayon Green is off to a solid start, especially against the run, this season. Read on to see what the senior has to say about the Hurricanes' old rival.

Q: What were your memories on your last game against Notre Dame?
A: I tried to put that game away a long time ago.

Q: This is going to be a cold game against Notre Dame. Does that affect you at all?
A: I mean, hot, cold, rain, or snow we're always ready to play.

Q: You're always wearing a yellow jersey during practice, yet you always show up every week to a game. What's it like for you to just get through and make it to another game?
A: I'm going to give it my all either way. Every day at practice it's like game day. I'm going to prepare everyday like it's game day.

Q: Have any of the older hurricane players called you guys to let you know what this rivalry is about?
[Notre Dame has not gone up against Miami in the regular season since 1990, when Miami lost 29-20. Saturday will make the 25th meet between the two teams] A:No, But I witnessed it and I saw it in the previous games, and it's been a rivalry game. I'm just glad to be apart of it.

Q: What have you seen from their offense?
A: A very experienced o-line: big strong and explosive. It's not different from any other o-line we've experienced. We're going to bring our o-line, and we're going to play.

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