Hagens ready for just another game

UM's fullback, Maurice Hagens, talks a little about what is expected in Saturday's game.

Q: Not a lot of people expect you to beat Notre Dame. Is that something that motivates you guys?
A: Yeah. It helps us a little bit, because we're going in there with a chip on our shoulders. It's a big game for us, so we're just going to go in there and do our best.

Q: What do you guys have in mind to match up against Notre Dame's defense?
A: Just keep running the ball and passing the ball and doing what we have done the past couple of weeks.

Q: What is it going to be like, personally, playing against such a big rival?
A: Personally, this is the first time going against them, so it's going to be in the moment type thing for me.

Q: Does the fact that you're going to being playing on national TV make you want to elevate your game in any way?
A: It's going to be the same, because we don't really need that type of hype. Like coach always says, it's just two acres and a ball. That's all it's going to be.

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