Johnson glad to have Perryman back

Eddie Johnson will be playing next to starter Denzel Perryman again this week. Read on to see what the redshirt freshman has to say about Saturday's game.

Q: How do you feel about the rivalry between Notre Dame and Miami?
A: The fans are going to talk about it. We're really big and confident about this rivalry, but we just want that distance to enjoy the whole process. We just want to play ball on Saturday.

Q: Is it important for players to get to play in such a big football venue like Notre Dame's?
A: No. I think the biggest thing for us is enjoying this process.

Q: What do you think about Notre Dame's QB?
A: I can't really talk about him. I mean, everyone has seen him play; everyone knows he's capable. So we just have to prepare.

Q: What does Denzel coming back do for your defense?
A: I mean, it does mean a lot. We got Kirby coming back with him, so we got more linebackers.

Q: Is it a confidence boost to see him out there with you guys?
A: It' not necessarily a confidence boost, but to have him back on our defense is a major key. We nicknamed him "The President", so having him back and seeing him run around feels good.

Q: Why did you nickname him " The president"?
A: I don't know. It's just something that came along. Denzel is a hot motored guy. He's always running around; he pushes everybody.

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