Fisch talks about ND game

Read on to see what offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch is saying about his team's offensive performance against Notre Dame over the weekend.

On the drops:
You just have to work through and find ways to catch the ball. We had seven against Boston College, seven in this game, and a bunch against Kansas State. We didn't have those drops in the games where we were very productive in.

On Robert Lockhart:
I'd like to have a role for him, have an opportunity. He's done a great job of improving each week. We consider him another one of our weapons.

On getting Duke Johnson more touches:
We weren't able to get things going enough. You'd like to hit on some of those bigger plays and not drop the ball on third downs so you can get more plays. His ratio of touches to our plays was good but he didn't get a lot because we didn't have enough plays.

On Stephen Morris becoming more accurate this season:
It's a) hard work and b) how hard our wide receivers practice. If you're always running full speed and throwing to those guys, you get more accurate. That's something that's changed since last season. Our receivers and tight ends are doing a great job running routes for him.

On playing fairly well on offense and scoring just three points:
We had two offensive penalties, no turnovers. I thought Stephen played well. We didn't execute though. We didn't finish. We had seven drops. If four guys sustain a block and not five, it could go for three yards instead of 13. If we go out and execute better, I think it's a different game.

They're very good. I believe they're a top 20 defense. They are very fast up front. Butch did a great job recruiting so they have very talented players. It'll be an all day challenge for us. They have a high number of takeaways and sacks. It'll be a good challenge for our offensive line. We're giving up a sack every 34 passes, compared to last year when we were 1 for 17.

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