Pata: "We Want to Dominate!"

Former Miami (Fla.) Central standout defensive lineman Bryan Pata was forced to sit out the final seven games of his senior season because of en eligibility issue. That put an extra chip on his shoulder.

"That made me mad," he said, "real mad at the time. Then I got over it and I'm starting to get back to where I need to be. Coach Swasey is doing a good job pushing us and stuff this summer."

The talented defensive end, who says he currently weighs around 250 pounds, has been very impressive in conditioning drills this summer.

"We do our 110s with everyone and they break us up into groups," he said. "I finished every one of them with no problem. Ask Swasey, he'll tell you. He knows how hungry I am, how ready I am. I saw guys sick, I saw some guys nearly walking. Not me. I'm ready and I prepared for it."

Pata took part in the testing that was done inside the weightroom recently.

"I got 365," he said. "I was actually doing a little more but I had lost a little weight because of all the running I've been doing. I'll get up there."

Pata said friend and future roommate Eric Moncur was also very impressive.

"Eric actually broke the freshmen record for defensive ends with 385," he said. "No freshman defensive end has ever benched that much his first time. I was close, I just have to push myself even more."

The standout lineman said he'll begin practice at right defensive end.

"At first I wanted to play on the left side because that's where I'm most comfortable and most explosive," he said. "Then I worked with Coach Swasey and I'm just as good from the right side now. Plus, me and Eric wanted to be on opposite sides. Vegas is on the right side with me."

Pata, who will wear jersey No. 95, said he's very excited to begin two-a-days.

"I can't wait man," he said. "This is the stuff you come to UM for. Only the best play here. I can see it in people's eyes in the summer. When we put the pads on, it's a whole other story. People better be ready because I'm going to be tearing it up out there."

Pata said he's looking forward to getting a chance to work against Eric Winston in practice.

"I'm on the bottom [of the depth chart] right now and I'll get a chance to go up against Winston," he said. "The coaches really like him so if I can do my thing against him, I'll be straight."

Pata said he feels very confident with where he's at right now and he'll spend the next couple weeks learning the plays.

"Starting tomorrow I'm going to watch film with those guys," he said. "We have a lot of guys but none of them really have much experience. I just need to learn my plays. Once I start making plays and the coaches see what I got, I'll be straight. That's all I can do."

The talented defensive end said the UM defense has been a very hungry unit this summer.

"The whole defense is ready," he said. "The linebackers and defensive backs got the experience and they are ready. The D-Line is all new so we have a lot to prove. If people think that because we're young we're not ready, I feel sorry for them. We want to dominate!"

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