UM Football Scoop: 10/10

A lot is happening in Coral Gables as the Canes prepare for North Carolina this week. Here are some news and notes from today.

North Carolina is probably the most complete team we've seen on film this season. They're good in all three phases.

On where improvements are being made on the team:
The linebackers are getting better. Kirby looked like he belonged. The depth there will be better moving forward.

On the long runs:
Our tackling isn't bad right now. Deon Bush has really helped us there.

On so many penalties vs ND:
The stage got to some guys. Penalties are a reflection of the head coach. I've got to do a better job of preparing them for that stage. It was bizarre we had so many. With the exception of Feliciano, that was everyone's first penalty of the season.

On Robert Lockhart:
Robert Lockhart will play. He's ready to go. He has soft hands and can really open up his hips. He has an excellent vertical and is good in terms of going up and getting it.

On Mark D'Onofrio:
There's no fan out there who can match his intensity or preparation to get this defense better. As angry as some people are, they're not living it everyday like he is.

On playing so many guys on defense:
Chickillo and Shayon have played over 400 snaps. Everyone else's play counts are down. That's because they've separates themselves at those spots. Perryman's number would be there too.

On injuries:
Ben Jones is still out. It's the healthiest we've been in awhile.

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