Linder: We have to start fast

Read on to see what Brandon Linder is saying about Saturday's game against the Tar Heels, which will be the first of several ACC games.

Q: How important are these ACC games for you guys?
A: It's the ACC, and we have to treat like any other game. We just have to take it one game at a time, and that's what we are doing.

Q: What's the key to bouncing back from a loss like Notre Dame's?
A: You got to put it behind you, but you also have to learn from your mistakes. I think that's what we did the past two days and now we're focused on North Carolina.

Q: What are some of the mistakes that you guys are learning from?
A: You got to take advantage of the opportunities.

Q: North Carolina is in the top 20 for yardage and scoring, but what are some of things that their defense does well?
A: They have a great defense and well disciplined players. They're tough and physical. We have to communicate and execute.

Q: Last year, one of the key things that you guys did well was get a head start. Do you feel like drawing first blood is important to winning games?
A: Yeah, we have to start fast, of course. That's the big thing, because you have to get the defense on their heels. I mean, when you're playing catch up they got their ears pinned back and they're coming at you.

Q: What do you have to say about the lack of sacks on Morris this year?
A: We just have great communication in the offensive line and we're all pretty close and we just know what we are thinking. So, we just work well together.

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