Johnson looks back on up-and-down career

Davon Johnson's performance could be fueled by his desire to go out there and prove the media wrong, but, whatever it is, it's keeping his fingers sticky. Read on to see how Davon's has struggled to get to where he is now.

Q: You haven't dropped the ball yet this year. What are you doing to keep that up?
A: I have just been focusing on the ball, just looking at it in with my eyes and hands. I'm just focusing, catching, and gripping it.

Q: Do you get more confidence with the more catches and playing time you get in a game?
A: Yes, you know. I got my confidence back from high school. I've been sitting out for a while, and I had to prove a lot of people wrong. People thought I couldn't do it still that I was washed up or something.

Q: Does part of you feel kind of good about proving some of the doubters wrong?
A: Yeah. I'm from Miami so I hear it. I hear through the media and stuff that "oh, Devon can't do it", so that just [gets] me hungry and makes me go out there and do better.

Q: Did you ever put your finger on why you weren't able to get on the field sooner?
A: It was a very talented class that came in. It was hard for me to show them my spark because I was either injured or something was holding me back.

Q: Was it frustrating to go through that and switching through positions?
A: It was hard on me. Just knowing what I can do and how I could play and just trusting the coaches and letting the coach trust me – showing him that I can go out here and play this game.

Q: How many different positions are you playing in the receiver group?
A: I play all the receivers [both] outside and inside. Basically, I know the whole playbook. I've always done that. You know, just learn the offense and make your opportunity better – learn in the inside and outside so in the game you just get in the lineup and play.

Q: What this game [North Carolina] mean to the team right now?
A: It means a lot to just come back from the lost against Notre Dame, and we just want to come out here and show the UM fans that we're here. We're trying to reach our goals to the ACC champion game and right now we're in the driver seat.

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