Game changing tackle

CLEMSON - Since making the biggest defensive play of Clemson's six-game season, life's been a little bit different for Spencer Shuey.

Shuey, who's played 109 snaps as a reserve linebacker this season, has recorded 21 tackles and has was in on one big tackle for loss.

That TFL, which came in the fourth quarter of Clemson's win over Georgia Tech, has down a lot for Shuey's celebrity status.

"I've got a lot of new friend requests on Facebook, that sort of thing," Shuey said. "I'm hearing from a lot of old friends from back home and high school. It's been real cool, real supportive."

With the Yellow Jackets pinned deep on their own 2-yardline and just over 10 minutes left in the game, Shuey dropped Orwin Smith for a safety, to give the Tigers a 40-31 lead.

"They had that same formation. They run a lot of different things out of it," Shuey said. "I just get my read right away and I knew that was one of the options that they would run. I was able to get a good read, get a good jump on the ball and was able to make the play."

The Tigers went on to beat their rivals from Atlanta, 47-31.

"On Sunday, when I was at home, they replayed the game. My sister recorded it on TV and sent that to me. I got to watch that, too," Shuey said. "It was pretty cool."

A redshirt junior linebacker from Charlotte, Shuey said the play has boosted his confidence.

"It shows that I'm able to go out there and make that play when I'm called upon, and that I have no reason to doubt myself at all," he said.

Though Shuey's played sparingly over his first two seasons [116 snaps], he's approached each week with the same kind of demeanor.

"Every week I prepare as if I'm going to play every play of the game. I'm always ready, either way," he said.

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