Mike's Thoughts -- UNC 1st half

The Hurricanes trail North Carolina by the score of 15-7 at halftime. Read on to see what CanesTime's Mike Bakas is saying about the game so far.

* Six more drops today. ESPN has it at 4 but I counted six. UM, or anyone else for that matter, won't win many games when leaving that many yards out there. It's not just one guy either. It's a mixture of several players, including Dorsett (who has been a non factor for the 2nd game in a row). They have more drops than catches today. Terrible.

* Stephen Morris made a terrible throw on the late interception. It looks like he got greedy. He forced a deep ball when it wasn't there. The offense is moving the ball. It's close to halftime. You're near midfield. You have to get points. Then he makes that throw. Bad, bad decision.

* As good a combo as Mike James and Duke Johnson are, Gio Bernard is clearly the best running back on the field today. He is effortless. He makes a lot of people miss. He's already better than most people, including UM's coaching staff at the time, thought he'd be when he was leaving high school.

* I think it's funny how so many media outlets, including ESPN today, has made such a big deal out of UNC's up-tempo offense and getting a lot of plays in. Coming into today, UNC averaged 73 plays per game. Miami was just under 70 so it's really not any different. Today, it has been though. UNC ran nine more. If not for the 2nd Morris pick, that number would probably be very close to being even.

* The defense continues showing no signs of improvement. If UNC hadn't shot itself in the foot so many times with penalties (UM can't count on 10 more 2nd half penalties from them), they'd probably have around 400 yards in the first half! There's a good chance they'll go over 700 for the game.

* As good as Miami's offense has been this season, they aren't making it happen when it matters most. They've now scored 10 points in the last six quarters. When your defense is one of the worst in all of college football, that won't win you many games, if any.

* The Canes need to come up with some 3rd down stops, create a couple more turnovers, and stop shooting themselves in the foot (which include the penalties against Bunche and Linder in addition to all the drops) if they want to win this game in the 2nd half.

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