Mike's Thoughts: UNC Game (offense)

The Hurricanes (4-3) lost to North Carolina today by the score of 18-14. Read on to get CanesTime's Mike Bakas' take on Miami's offensive performance in the game.

* Stephen Morris had an off day with his performance but he didn't get much help. There were six or seven more dropped passes in this game that could have completely changed the way this game finished. As I mentioned at halftime after his first interception, I thought he got greedy a few times by throwing downfield and into coverage. UNC was giving UM's offense the underneath throws and Morris was doing well with those. Morris does add a lot with his legs. He accounted for 40 yards, escapes sacks, and even scored one of Miami's two touchdowns today.

* Ryan Williams isn't close to where Morris is right now. He can make some throws but simply wasn't ready for that stage, obviously. The third down throw to Phillip Dorsett that was low was terrible. The sack he took was bad. Then to end the game he throws five yards in front of the sticks? Yikes. Morris looks to have sprained an ankle. The amount of pain he seemed to be in on the sideline leads you to believe it may end up being a couple week injury. If so, Williams really needs to elevate his game if Miami wants a chance of beating Florida State next weekend.

* I had pegged Duke Johnson as Miami's best running back in recent weeks. I've changed my mind again. It''s Mike James. Duke didn't seem like himself out there today, which probably has something to do with his injury. He didn't appear to be 100-percent. James was running hard, breaking tackles, and making things happen. That's the Mike James this team needs the rest of the season. UNC came in with one of the best run defenses in all of college football and James went for just under 100 and a score.

* Phillip Dorsett now has more drops over the last two weeks than he does catches. Until that starts changing, he's pretty much a non-factor in this offense. One thing really hurting this offense is that it doesn't have a go-to receiver. Allen Hurns has shown flashes of that. Rashawn Scott does at a times. However, when the team needs to move the sticks (and not just run deep and make plays like Dorsett did against GT and NC State), it doesn't have a guy to really handle that role. That's really hurting this offense, especially when you don't really have a pass-catching threat at tight end.

* I've said it several times already this season -- the tight end needs to become more of a weapon. Seven games into the season and that's obviously not going to happen. We're going to have to wait until 2013 when Standish Dobard and Travis Johnson are on the roster before we see the tight end becoming much of a factor in the passing game. I also thought it was interesting that David Perry was on the field on the first series of the game and was running routes late when UM really needed to score. He went from being a total non-factor to actually playing a big role at that position. That surprised me.

* The offensive line continues to play well. They do a nice job in pass pro and they're opening up some big holes against solid fronts. And it's not just the same five guys. Seantrel Henderson has become the team's top tackle and is playing like it. Jared Wheeler was the center on one of Miami's two scoring drives. Jeremy Lewis was playing early in the game. Look at how Ben Jones helped in the GT game down the stretch. People like to bash him on here but Art Kehoe deserves a lot of credit for those things.

* Florida State will enter next weekend with a Top 10 defensive unit. It'll be every bit as good as what we saw from Notre Dame and North Carolina and the Canes averaged 8.5 points per game in those two. Especially if Morris is less than 100 percent or unable to play, something will have to change or else that could be a long night for this group.

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