Golden updates Morris' status

Read on to see everything Al Golden is saying a few days before the Florida State game.

They're very veteran on defense with five seniors and juniors. They haven't given up a 100-yard rusher yet and have two shutouts. They're very good in the return game. On offense, they have a very good offensive line. Manuel is 19-5 as a starter and is over 70 percent and does a great job getting the ball into his playmakers' hands. We'll see three running backs and they're all excellent, all bring something special. It's the best team we've played this year, the most talented team, the most complete team.

On Stephen Morris:
He didn't practice today and probably won't practice tomorrow. There's a long way to go. I'd classify him as a game-time decision right now. He'll probably be doubtful when it comes out Saturday. Ryan did a great job today, threw the ball well. We don't have two separate gameplans going in. They both have to get ready. Stephen is more mental right now and Ryan more physical in the reps.

On Ryan Williams:
He has great pocket presence and has nice touch on the ball. He's long, not afraid to stay in the pocket and can release it high.

On the wildcat:
We wanted another way to generate some more running yards and it set us up in the deep red. Mike did a good job.

On the defense allowing just 18 points:
The defense did better but the offense had a lot to do with that, holding the ball for about 30 minutes. You can't abandon the run.

On where FSU is with their program:
They're ahead of us right now. I recognize that. It's our job to respond. The entire organization, starting with me, has to respond. They're ahead of us now but we have to do what we gotta do – player development, recruiting, all that.

On this being a one-sided rivalry lately:
I've only been around for one. We went up there and didn't play well enough to win. I wasn't around for the games before that.

On FSU's D-Line:
They're playing 14 guys up front. They're aggressive, and everyone knows their role. They have a lot of guys with a lot of starts. That's why they're where they're at – they're talented and they're experienced.

On Duke Johnson:
He's doing good. We need him to play more. He's a tough kid. He didn't practice all last week and then went out there and got yards after contact. I was surprised he had no ill effects. We gotta get him back in gear a bit.

On the drops:
We had a few, not to the extent of the Notre Dame. We have to look it in, frame it, and have confidence. Our kids will bounce back. They've done a good job all year.

On E.J. Manuel:
He's excellent. His touchdown to interception ratio is excellent. We have to get pressure on him. We need some negative plays – some sacks, some TFL's. He's dangerous in space and we have to keep him in the pocket and get pressure.

On Jimmy Gaines playing MLB:
Jimmy's been banged up for four weeks. He's better now. Jimmy's veteran enough to play another position. He was very active at the end of last year and so we need him to help us.

On the offensive line playing well:
Our offensive line has been very good. At times we abandon the run. That's not on them, it's on me. This will be our greatest challenge so far this season. We'll evaluate them again after Saturday night.

On possibly sitting Morris for this game so he's rested for the Coastal games:
I'm not going to have that conversation with him. You only get so many chances. If he's ready, he'll play.

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