Highsmith has lots of respect for FSU offense

A.J. Highsmith doesn't let the up and downs of football affect his game. His motivation for the FSU game is to move forward through the week and garner the skills and strategy necessary to beat the No. 12th ranked team. Read on to see what he has to say about his preparation for the game.

Q: Does it help being the underdog in this game at all?
A: We just try to be the same everyday and all we do is watch film and see what we can take advantage of and what's going to work in my favor. We just try to work hard every day and get better, and [come] Saturday night hopefully we will be ready.

Q: What can you take advantage of from their offense?
A: We're still breaking it all down and seeing what we can take advantage of with the personal things that we do well. So, we're just going to keep moving forward and try to progress until Saturday.

Q: E.J. Manuel is rated as the fourth best passer in college football today. What do you see in him during film and what do you see in facing a dual threat quarterback?
A: He has great composure. He sees the game well. He's always in control of the game, and he controls the ball well with his legs and his arm. He doesn't make bad decisions with the ball, and he can make a lot of plays, both on the ground and on the air. So, we just got to get ready for him and take advantage of what they do.

Q: How good is this offense compared to the ones that you have faced already?
A: This is a good offense. They have a lot of good players. They are talented. They have a lot of skilled guys and they're good upfront. It's going to be another challenge for us, so we have to come to play.

Q: Does the Florida State week go slower?
A: Umm, nope. It definitely gets your mind off of Carolina real fast. As soon as we were done with that, we knew that we had something big to look forward to.

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