Green talks about the improvements on defense

Shayon Green is one of the leaders on the defense and offers us his view on how the team is looking after the defeat against North Carolina and the impairments that came with it.

Q: How is the confidence of team coming into this game, knowing that some of your key players are hurt?
A: The confidence level of the team in my point of view is very high. I know that we're banged up a little bit, but it's not anything we can't bounce back from.

Q: Do you guys have to adjust your practices for each team, or is there a consistency to them?
A: Of course you have to adjust to each team your playing. Every team is not the same; you have to change the mood. But, at the end of the day, we're still working for the same thing.

Q: Is there anything you saw from FSU that you're trying to exploit from their offense?
A: Their quarterback is good runner and thrower; we just have to keep him contained and go from there.

Q: What did you see from FSU's loss against NC State? Is there anything that you can get from that game?
A: NC State never gave up. They never quit fighting up front, and it showed.

Q: What does the Florida State rivalry mean to you?
A: I have been watching Florida State rival UM since I was yay high, and it means a lot.

Q: What were your memories as a kid of the rivalry?
A: I can't remember what date it was, but, Miami won, and I've been a Miami fan ever since.

Q: So, you feel the rivalry against FSU?
A: I mean, it's a rivalry, but to us it's just another game.

Q: Are you guys close to where you want to be on the defensive line?
A: We're getting better each minute. We're going to be on top in every standpoint of the defense, and it starts with a defensive line.

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