Kehoe shares favorite FSU memory

The offensive line is going to have their work cut out for them this week when they face off against the Seminoles, and Coach Kehoe knows it. But, to add a little comic relief, he tells the press his favorite story against FSU. Read on to see what he experienced against them back in....

Q: How important is your lineman's job this week?
A: Well, I would say very important against a very good defense. We have to prepare as hard as we have to prepare and play as hard as we can, and I think we're ready to do that.

Q: How's there been respect developed from both teams in this rivalry?
A: It's a loathing hatred and a great respect. If you can have that combination that's what Florida State is all about. I've been through it for a lot of years and our guys want to get it on with them more than anything in the world, but there's a great respect because they're tough and they're well coached. If you beat them you have your shot at everything.

Q: How important is it to open up some holes for the running game and how are you going to do that?
A: Well, we struggled against Notre Dame, and we struggled against Kansas State, and we did a little bit better against North Carolina, but we just haven't been consistent enough the biggest thing we're missing is that we're just a tackle away sometimes from busting out to open field and that's close but close isn't good enough.

Q: What's your favorite memory as a player and a coach against FSU?
A: This is actually funny one. 1979, I didn't know anything about Florida State, and I went up there and I just came here from a junior college. We were playing against Ron Simmons and so many tough guys and they were really good. It was unbelievable because we came out, warmed up and then we came back out on the field with the coach. We were all lined up getting ready to play the game, and, then, boom; all the lights when out. [The Seminole] threw the spear right in front of our bench, and as soon as it hit the ground all the lights turned on, and my roommate, John Canine, was chasing the horse. The coach was like ‘are you kidding me, get back here, John'.

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