Barrow has lots of respect for FSU

Micheal Barrow talks to the press about how he feels going into FSU weekend. Read on to see his perspective on the game.

Q: How's the respect between the two programs [FSU & UM]?
A: I mean, there's always respect. You see those guys on the roads recruiting; you see the coaches and stuff like that. As a matter a fact, one of the coaches I played with back in Carolina. There's always respect, but, you know, when it's time to play you throw that out the window, and it's time to play ball.

Q: Is it tough to wait all day for a night game?
A: I wouldn't say tough. You're excited, you're anxious; it's like a kid in Christmas. You can't go to sleep. It's that type of feel that you can't wait to get here because it's going to be a great game.

Q: Does it concern you that FSU has won the last three games at Miami?
[The last time the Canes beat FSU at home was 2004. Their overall record with them is 16-17, which will tie up if Miami can tally a win this Saturday.]
A: No, it doesn't concern me. Our job is to do what we have to do. A pass is a pass. We got to be ready to go, and we got to be ready to play.

Q: Is this the most well-rounded team you have seen in film?
A: I know from a special team standpoint that they do a very good job. Coach Gran is doing a very good job. They play together. So, I think from the two units (special teams and defense) I saw they are very good.

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