Golden recaps FSU game

Read on to see what Miami coach Al Golden was saying following his team's loss to Florida State.

On Stephen Morris playing in the game:
It looked better on Friday than, clearly, it did on Thursday, but until you see him go out there and run around and stress like he did in pregame, we were uncertain. I don't regret calling Stephen into this game. I think he gives us the best chance to win the game, and we didn't get it done.

On the performance in the game:
I thought we played hard; we coached hard, and we lost to a good team. That's it. We lost to a team that is ahead of us right now, and we got to develop our guys and recruit some more, and keep working. [We] don't make any excuses. They're a better team right now. We had opportunities that we did not convert and they did; hats off to them. Clearly, they have an excellent pass rush and went through our quarterback, and we're not doing the same on the other end. We're not getting to the quarterback in four, and, obviously, we weren't getting to Manuel in time. They wore us down a little bit, because we weren't converting on third down on offense. I think we were 25% for the day. We had to keep giving the ball back, and we just couldn't hold up. It turned into a field position game.

On the timeout that FSU called before the end of the second half:
There was a lot of confusion, obviously. I knew that they had one timeout left, so that was their answer for the ten second runoff. I wasn't really worried about that. If we're in a situation where it's the last kick of the half, we would like to get Seantrel and Malcolm and our big people in there, but there was just so much confusion. [For those of you who didn't watch the game, the officials called a ten second run off at the end of the 2nd qt, but FSU responded by using their final timeout and utilizing the last few second to set up for a field goal. The 46 yard field goal was good, and it put the Seminoles ahead.]

On any concerns about the offense for the future:
We just need to keep getting better. Again, we're playing a lot of good teams. We certainly need to be more efficient, that's fair. We got to do a better job in third down. I don't think there's any question about that. We have to make some plays on the ball. We just got to take a deep breath. It's been a long twelve weeks straight against a real tough schedule. We just need to take a deep breath, heal up, and see where we're at over the next couple days. See if we want to practice at all or if we won't.

On the defense's shift of momentum in the game:
I think we got worn out a little bit. You got to keep pace with them, and you have to convert on third down, and we weren't making the plays. Clearly, they're rotating three backs in there, and they wore us down in the third qt. We didn't get another take away. They're throwing the ball at the cover too for a 30 or 40 yd gain. It should be an interception. Things of that nature, we have to come through and make a play there. But again, what I said to the team, give Florida State a lot of credit. They're a very good team right now and they're deep. We know what it is we need to do, and they're ahead of us right now. We need to buckle down and get better and we need to develop our team and we need to add to it.

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