UM Football Blog: 10/24

Read on for the latest on UM's football team, complete with analysis from CanesTime's Mike Bakas.

* There isn't much going on, in terms of fresh news, at UM this week because the team was given a few days off and there has been no media availability this week. That's why things will be a bit slow this week in terms of news.

* It appears as though Stephen Morris made it through the Florida State game with no further injury to his ankle. Add in the extra time off and Morris will likely be back to close to 100-percent for the Virginia Tech game next Thursday. The Hokies are a little above average in terms of getting to the quarterback, getting just under 2.5 per game. Morris likely won't be under the same amount of pressure that he saw from the FSU front 4 last Saturday.

* Speaking of Morris, he's a junior. He now has plenty of college experience, plenty of game experience, and lots of time in Jedd Fisch's offense. Up until now, he's thrown for 17 touchdowns and 18 interceptions. To call him anything but an average to below average BCS quarterback is probably inaccurate right now. Kevin Olsen (5 star QB commitment from NJ), UM's fan base is patiently awaiting your arrival.

* There still appears to be no firm word on Duke Johnson's ankle injury. Those things can linger and it could also become a non-issue after a bye week. Either way, his production level has been about the same as that of Mike James this season so they've proven to be a solid 1-2 punch. Without Duke moving forward, the Canes would suffer a big dropoff in ability there by turning to Eduardo Clements.

* My biggest complaint of this offense so far this season is the lack of commitment to the running game. The play calling is nearly 60/40 pass/run and despite having a blocking fullback, a blocking tight end, a 225-pound starter at tailback, and a massive offensive line, the Miami rushing offense ranks 92nd in the nation. Ouch. If that doesn't improve down the stretch, it's likely the Canes could finish the year at .500. If it does improve, they can certainly win out through the regular season and get to Charlotte.

* When Tyriq McCord signed with the Canes back in February, I figured he'd be the team's top pass rusher this season. That was his specialty back at Jefferson High in Tampa and he's the most explosive of the group. The fact that he leads the team while playing a limited number of snaps speaks volumes to how he compares to the others in that area. He's probably a year away, physically, from being able to play a lot more but he looks to have a real bright future as a pass rusher. Now if they can just find another one like him. I'm convinced that if Jelani Hamilton, Dwayne Hoilett, or Jake O'Donnell could provide a spark as pass rushers, they'd see playing time. Hamilton has been some but for the most part, it's just not happening with those three. That should be, and is, a big priority in the 2013 class. It's probably why the Canes have a few 5-star caliber D-End prospects scheduled to take official visits here later in the year.

* Speaking of freshmen, it appears as though 14 of the new kids will be redshirted this year (with the possibility of another depending on what happens with Malcolm Lewis, who has only played in 4 games each and may qualify for a redshirt).

* While we certainly live in an offensive era of college football, it's crazy to see the breakdown in how the top 10 teams compare on each side of the ball. The current top 10 averages 46th in total offense and 15th in total defense. It's been said for years -- offense will sell tickets but defense will win you championships. The three best teams I've watched this season are Alabama, Florida State, and Oklahoma. I predict one of those three will win the national title in January.

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