Coach Williams talks DB's

Read on to see what defensive backs coach Paul Williams is saying about senior Vaughn Telemaque and some of his younger players.

On Vaughn Telemaque teaching the younger safeties as a backup:
The way we do it, we feel whatever gives us the best chance and opportunity to win. Nothing against Vaughn, because he's a good player, but we expect him to give us the leadership. That's football. He's responded the last few days.

On Nate Dortch:
I think Nate's going to be a good player. Sometimes when you come into college you have to develop your body. Everyone's not ready. I think the talent is there and he's a good kid.

On Larry Hope:
Same thing with Larry. Everyone matures at a different stage in life. Early on they weren't ready to go but they're both talented and they're gonna add depth and competition to that position.

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