Rodgers: Young guys need to keep playing well

Read on to see what Kacy Rodgers II has to say about the team's morale before Thursday's game.

Q: How is the mindset of the team right now?
A: We lost three games in a row, but we're ready to turn it around now. We're ready to keep going and keep working hard.

Q: What are some of the things that the team has learned from last year, when they played against Virginia Tech?
A: Assignment breakdowns and making sure that we're all on the same page. They're going to get a few plays in, if you're up against a good team. We just need to do our job that's all I'm saying.

Q: Do you feel like you guys never get a break when it comes to quarterbacks?
A: We have faced some good quarterbacks and Logan is right up in there. So, it's going to be a challenge this week.

Q: Since you have faced such type of quarterbacks, do you think you know what you're in for?
A: I mean, definitely, I would think so, but he's his own player. You got to give him his respect, because he does things differently than the other guys.

Q: Do you see, slowly but surely, that there is growth on your defense?
A: As the season has progressed, I think we have gotten better. The yardage might not show, but, collectively, inside the team, we've gotten a lot better. I think the guys are binding more, and we've focused on the details. I think the details are something that we've had a lot of problems with and can lead to win a game.

Q: How's the progress been throughout the season with the younger guys?
A: The younger guys have come off strong. If they can keep playing this hard then that would be great.

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