Bye came at perfect time for James

Mike James is looking forward to playing against Virginia Tech in what he thinks is an opportune moment for this team. After showing up in stats for both passing and rushing last game against FSU, James is prepared for what is to come out of this VT defense. Read on to see what he has to say about the game this Thursday.

Q: How important is the run against Virginia Tech?
A: It's very important. You always want to establish the run. It helps control the game. It helps open up the pass game. It helps with time possession. So, it's something that we want to open up. If we get to it, we'll get to it. Whatever coach Fisch calls, we will execute.

Q: Last game the running backs were more involved in the passing game. Can you talk a little bit about that?
A: We just make sure that we all look out for Stephen. We'll let him chuck it to us if there's nothing in the downfield. We just want to make ourselves useful in the pass game.

Q: After three loses and losing your position in the coastal division, what do you guys tell each other to keep your heads up?
A: Take care of the game one at a time. We got Virginia Tech, then, whatever comes after that. We got to take care of the games one at a time and hopefully control our own destiny.

Q: Usually, when teams lose they want to go back out there and win. Do you think this came at a good time?
A: Yeah, it came at the perfect time. It gave the guys that needed to get healthy time to get healthy and trying to get better. So, we used it efficiently and openly, and we'll show it in the game on Thursday.

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