Mike's Thoughts: VT Game (offense)

The Hurricanes (5-4) defeated Virginia Tech today by the score of 30-12. Read on to get CanesTime's Mike Bakas' take on Miami's offensive performance in the game.

* It was a great win for the Hurricanes. Every game is big but this one was extra big because of how the winner would have control of the Coastal Division. The Canes came out and seemed ready to play. Having said that, the Va Tech team on the field tonight was probably the worst Hokie team I've seen since pre-Michael Vick.

* The injuries keep piling up it seems. The Canes are thin and young as it is and these injuries keep on mounting. Lets hope the extra few days to prepare for Virginia will help heal some of these guys up.

* As each week passes, I become more and more disappointed in the overall design of this offense. Until late in the game when the score was out of reach for the Hokies, the Canes didn't make any type of commitment to a downhill running game. If you take away the last few plays in the 4th quarter, which were obvious run calls because of the score and time remaining, the Canes were passing it 2/3 of the time again. In my opinion, that's not taking advantage of the offensive personnel. The big fullback, the average-to-above-average starting quarterback, the blocking tight end in the starting lineup, the huge offensive line, and not having a legitimate number one receiver leads me to believe the Canes should be making more of a commitment to running the football. It just isn't happening for whatever reason.

* If you look simply at what the offense did tonight, it's a whole new ballgame. They scored 17 points following Gabe Terry's blocked punt, Duke Johnson's long kick return, and one of the interceptions. If those things don't happen (the offense didn't produce those plays), this game becomes an absolute dog fight. This unit needs to get better.

* Duke Johnson continues to play really well. He was, again, the best player on the field tonight. If you get him 12-15 touches per game, there's a good chance he'll break a big run against you. He did that again tonight. He's made tough runs all season -- from the first down run to the boundary against BC to the 7-yard touchdown tonight. As most people already know, he's the real deal. It's amazing what a difference just a couple players can make. Put Duke in a Va Tech uniform tonight and this game could go either way. He's that big of a difference maker on this team right now. The Canes look to add a couple more of those in the upcoming recruiting class, too.

* Clive Walford played well. He blocked and made a few nice catches (one tough catch for a first down and another catch and run). He's usually only good for one or two of those a game but it's just enough to keep defenses showing respect to him. Fortunately, the Canes have a few kids in the current recruiting class that will be able to do a lot more of that in this offense next season.

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