Ranking the Roster: Week 10

Here is one man's opinion, following the ninth game of the season.

*= out for season with injury
x= redshirting

QB: Morris, Williams, xDewey, xCrow, xThompson

RB: Johnson, James, *Clements, Crawford, xDillard

FB: Hagens

WR: Scott, Dorsett, Hurns *Lewis, D Johnson, Waters, Lockhart, Thompkins, xJones, xCarter

TE: Walford, Dye, Cleveland, Perry, White

OL: Linder, McDermott, Bunche, Henderson, Feliciano, Flowers, *B Jones, Lewis, Wheeler, xIsidora, Wells, xGadbois

DL: Pierre, Chick, Porter, Green, Moore, McCord, Robinson, Ivery, King, Smith, Grimble, Hamilton, xHoilett, R Williams, xBriscoe, xO'Donnell

LB: Perryman, Johnson, *Buchanan, Gaines, Paul, Kirby, Armbrister, Cornileus, Terry, Blue

DB: McGee, Bush, Gunter, Finnie, Howard, Crawford, Highsmith, Rodgers, Telemaque, Jenkins, xDortch, xHope

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