Duke and Eddie Johnson recap VT game

Read on to see what running back Duke Johnson and linebacker Eddie Johnson had to say following Miami's big win over Virginia Tech.

Duke Johnson

On his health
This is the healthiest I've been all year. [I've been] having treatments for the past month, month in-a-half, so I'm basically at 100% high.

On the running game
They did a great job at defending that, but then we had to accommodate and make some changes, and we just got it together towards the end.

On the significance of beating Virginia Tech
It's great just because of the end of the season. This game really helped us tonight in the coastal race. We're excited just to come out and just get our job sealed in the coastal. But, we can never let up, because we still have a couple of coastal games to win to win the coastal.

On Deon Bush's health
He's fine, except he's been getting battered up all season. He'll have treatment, and he'll get better. He was very frustrated [on the sidelines]. He doesn't like to come out of the game, especially not for a great period of the game.

On his 81 yard kickoff return
The guy on the right side did a great job in holding their man. It just gave me enough time to get through and run. The guys blocking down field freed me up to get close enough to the end zone.

On the orange on orange uniforms
We loved it. Just walking into the locker room today and seeing the orange on orange gave the team a boost. It's just when you feel good, you look good, you play good.

Eddie Johnson

On overall performance in the game
That just comes from Coach preaching all week that everyone needs to do their job. Coach Golden has been preaching that everyone has to be on that and not be selfish. Everybody just has to be all in. I think this was the first game that we all played together as a team. It was big for all of us to come together [the special teams, defense, and offense].

On criticism that Miami's defense has received
We didn't really listen to that. Everybody is just locked in and focused in what they had to do. We just stayed in the bunk. It's going to be coming, though, when you lose games and a couple of yards. You just got to do what you go to do, keep our heads down and keep working.

On the tenacity of the defense after the loss of Perryman and Bush
That's our defense. Everybody has the next man mentality. It's like the second man is a starter to us.

On the performance of the defensive line and the return of Porter
It helped us a lot, because those guys were in the front part of the receivers. So, now that they're here, they're giving us more linemen to do what they have to do. Before, we didn't have that many linemen. Now we can just get down.

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