McGee never lost faith

Brandon McGee has had his ups and downs in his career – including last game against Virginia Tech, where he has zero recorded tackles. But Brandon's faith has kept him strong through the tough times and has also given him a positive attitude. Read on to see what McGee has to say about stepping it up on the field.

Q: What is it going to take to beat this team, after having lost four of the last six games?
A: We just have to be physical, but, bedside all that, they just have to go out there and do their jobs. Whoever executes their job the best will win. Last year they came to play and we didn't show up. This is an opportunity for us to just go out there and show up.

Q: How important is to have a player like Ladarius Gunter on the field and what has his emergence meant to the secondary?
A: LG has just stepped it up. He's been playing great, and he is what he wants to be. He's able to cover those big receivers. He brings a certain juice to the field.

Q: Things haven't always looked good, going back through your career. How tough were those moments and how was it like to go through them?
A: It was tough. Your confidence takes a blow. A lot of people, yourself included, have a lot of expectations, but you have to understand that the final say comes from the man up top. You just have to be relentless and keep working at it. Even when you're working hard and you don't see the results, you have to keep working at it.

Q: What would you tribute your season to?
A: Faith. Just understanding and working hard and just having faith in coach Golden and coach D.

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