Buckle up, folks

If you were away from Internet for about a two-hour span on Wednesday night, you may have missed out on one of the biggest Clemson-related stories of the year.

Well, at least until you scrolled down your timeline and began piecing together what had or had not happened.

The saga that has become the recruitment of Robert Nkemdiche took another e-twist on Wednesday night when reports surfaced that he decommitted from Clemson.

In what seemed like a blink of an eye, the story went from fact to fiction when Nkemdiche cleared the air with a text message to Michael Carvell of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution .

Warning, Clemson fans, you might jump for joy. Nkemdiche is still committed to Clemson.

The response when Nkemdiche was asked by the AJC if he had decommitted from Clemson, "Nothing final yet."

When asked by the AJC if he was still committed to Clemson, his reply was short and very convoluted.


"Just undecided."

Yes, the e-drug that is recruiting.

Has Colorado legalized that one yet?

Wednesday night's story from the AJC is in tune with the most recent update from Scout.com.

Earlier this month, Nkemdiche told Chad Simmons that he was still weighing his other options, but Clemson still had his pledge.

"A lot is going through my mind right now, that is about all I can say," Nkemdiche said in the interview with Simmons.

Nkemdiche added, "I am still committed to Clemson, but maybe I acted a little too quickly when I committed in June. My mind is thinking about a lot of things. I am not saying Clemson has to be worried about my commitment, but I am still looking at other options."

Nkemdiche, the No. 1 player in the country, has kept at least three other schools in the race for his signature.

National powers Alabama and LSU have remained active in the pursuit. Instate school Georgia hosted Nkemdiche for a visit last weekend for the Ole Miss game -- emphasis on ‘for the Ole Miss game'.

Denzel Nkemdiche, the older brother of Robert, is a redshirt freshman linebacker for the Rebels.

On Saturday, the Nkemdiche brothers will be reunited again, this time in Oxford, when Ole Miss hosts Vanderbilt.

Given the rumors from Wednesday night, this could be the weekend, right?

You know, the weekend that will either break some Clemson fans' hearts or leave others thinking that it was fun while it lasted -- the weekend when Nkemdiche actually decommits from Clemson and commits to Ole Miss.


Nkemdiche told the AJC that rumors of him flipping this weekend weren't accurate.

"No, that's not true," he said. "You know how they do with rumors and everything on the Internet."

Oh, yes, the Internet.

That powerful little thing that helped send shock waves across the Bible Belt when Nkemdiche's mom, Beverly, was interviewed by the AJC.

Remember that little ditty that sent Clemson message boards and talk radio into a frenzy? It was only a few days ago.

With all of that being said, at the time of publication, Nkemdiche remains committed to Clemson. And, at least for now, that's where his commitment remains.

For those new to the world of college football recruiting, the drama isn't limited to the race for everybody's No. 1.

This saga just happens to be magnified by a thousand -- or some other really over the top number.

In the same recruiting haul, we've seen a prospect commit to one school, decommit and re-commit to the school.

Guess what?

Said prospect is considering a second decommitment.

Seriously, no big deal.

Clemson has experienced a very similar scenario within the last few years.

No, really, it's not a big deal.

Sooner than later, it will happen again somewhere. The drama happens all of the time. It's par for the course -- all of those clichés.

As sad as it may sound, most of the folks who cover the business have grown numb to it.

Prospects announce their commitment and subsequently follow up with a list of other schools still under consideration. Reporters eagerly stand by with their cell phones hoping to break the next tidbit of information that's different from what the other guy already has.

It's a vicious cycle.

At this point, you may be asking yourself, ‘Is Nkemdiche going to decommit from Clemson or what?'

Stay tuned.

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