Green: We have to improve our pass rush

Read on to see what Shayon Green has to say about the progress of Miami's defensive line.

Q: There are some players coming into the rotation that are more dependent. Is it nice to know that you have some back up on the d-line?
A: I don't really ever get tired because, I don't know, coaches always told me I have a good motor. So, having a backup doesn't even matter, but, if I do, that's great because we can rotate and have a fresher defense.

Q: Do you ever feel drained if the team is down?
A: That's when my second wing comes out. I just know when we have to grind you can't give up on the defense, and I have to lead the defense. So, if I'm down, the whole d-line gets down. I can't let that happen.

Q: Even though you had a victory last week, is there anything on the defensive line that you can improve on?
A: Uhh, we can do better on the pass rush.

Q: Who are some of those players that are trying to do better on the pass rush?
A: Myself, and the front four: Curtis Porter, Olsen Pierre, Luther Robinson. The whole front.

Q: The whole line seems to have done better. What do you think the reason is for that?
A: We've seen the mistakes we've made in previous games and we've limited them.

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