Dorsett hasn't seen loss of accuracy from QB

Some people believe Stephen Morris has lost some accuracy ever since he injured his ankle against North Carolina. Phillip Dorsett doesn't see it that way, and talked about that and more.

Q: How did you get back on your role as the lead wide receiver for the team?
A: Just going to practice and going hard. Just keeping consistent when plays are called. You just got to stay keep in good physical and mental shape. You got to keep your mind right, you have to keep your body right, you got to keep your body fresh. It's a long season, your body will wear and tear on itself.

Q: What did you learn from the Virginia game last year?
A: Virginia is very big and physical team. So, they're going to sit on our routes, they're going to grab. They're going to play a lot of man, and they're going to bring a lot of blitz.

Q: Do you think that Stephen Morris has lost some of his accuracy since his injury?
A: Nah, I wouldn't say that he's changed since the injury. He's still the same to me. I play with him a lot, and he hasn't changed with him one bit. He's just been getting flushed out of the pocket a lot, and teams have been blitzing us a lot, so we just got to hold him up. I think his accuracy is still the same. But we're working with him in practice.

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