Highsmith: Coaches are preparing us well

Read on to see what safety A.J. Highsmith is saying a few days before the team's game at Virginia on Saturday.

Q: How do you keep your head straight when things start going bad with the program or a game?
A: It starts at practice. The coaches do a good job of staying after us. If you can stick to your fundamentals and stick to your training – they do a good job preparing us – and you can just trust that, you will be successful.

Q: How important was it for you guys to keep the second half of the Virginia Tech game lopsided in your favor?
A: That's what we want to do. We try to be the best at the end. That was big for us. We made some big plays. We definitely did a good job at finishing plays. We had the fumble snap in the end; that was big for us. That took seven points off the board, potentially.

Q: Do you think that was a confident booster for some of those young guys that haven't really had success on the defense?
A: Yeah, definitely. When you make plays like that, you can see the light. A lot of them see the light now, and they see what the coaches are talking about and know we're not far off. A lot of people talk bad about [us], but we know how good we can be, so I feel like we can build on that and be successful.

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