O'Brien: Clemson has Explosive Playmakers

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the edia to discuss Clemson.

Tom O'Brien

"That's the challenge... we're playing a really explosive Clemson football team."

"They've got playmakers at every spot on offense... wide receiver, tight end, tailback, quarterback. It's a really tough challenge for the defense to defend."

"Defensively they seemed to settle in after the open week. They made some subtle changes from here or there."

"I think [Clemson's defensive coordinator is] probably comfortable putting guys in the place he wants them in."

"That's what is great about the challenge. You've got to go on the road and play a top-10 team. It's an exciting time."

"I don't think this team will be intimidated or afraid to go let everything go in this football game. We've got a lot to play for."

"You always want to be challenged. If Clemson is the best or you're the best in the conference, let's go see what we can do."

"They have good pass rushers, and they can bring pressure from anywhere on their football team. He's got to get back, make decisions and get it out, and make the throws."

"I don't think it affects him... there have been multiple opportunities for him to be frustrated... get the ball out there."

"You have to be worried about the run."

"I think there are better quarterbacks in this league than it's ever been... and experienced quarterbacks. That allows you to do some of the things that people offensively are doing."

"You have to tackle well against these guys."

"I keep going back to that four-game stretch, that was a killer."

"They like to throw the ball deep. They like to throw the fades, they like to throw the fade-stops."

"You are looking at a similar receiving corps, maybe better than what we saw when we played Florida State."

"You can't force them to be one-dimensional because of [Andre Ellington's] ability to run the football."

"When you have playmakers at every spot, it really stresses the defense. That's the situation you have when you play a team like Clemson. They stress you at all levels."

"Anytime you play against wide receivers like this is it's a challenge, and I think our guys will accept the challenge. They will go play the game. the best thing about pass defense is you get a pass rush. So, if we can get, especially with four and not have to rush more than four, we'll see how it works out."

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