Coordinators Talk

Read on to see what offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch and defensive coordinator Mark D'Onofrio were saying on Monday morning.


On the big game by Allen Hurns:
"Allen is a real reliable player, one of our most reliable. We don't spend a lot of time who's getting it. We spend more time on where to go in this coverage, where to go in that coverage."

On the decision to run three straight times late in the game:
It was a 5 point game and they needed a touchdown to win. We decided to run it three times. When you get a plus six run on first down, you stay with it. You throw it there, you leave 38 more seconds on the clock. We didn't execute the run. You give it to the guy who has 150 yards. To me, that's how you play.

On Duke Johnson's touches:
We knew he was a playmaker, had to get him the ball. I think 45-percent is a good number. Mike James is a really good tailback. We like to play with two a lot. I think we balance it out pretty well. He's had three 100-yard games now and that's pretty cool.


On Gionni Paul's performance:
Gionni has a great knack for finding the football. He has to improve his conditioning and know knowledge of the defense. Until he does that, he'll leave plays on the field. I'd rather have a guy who can find the ball, and then they can work on their weaker points of the game in other areas.

On not having Denzel changing the gameplan:
It changed a lot. Denzel was a starting linebacker and has been playing hurt.

On the depth at linebacker:
We played six in the game. Fentress played on third downs. We're one play away from Jimmy (Gaines) having to go there (sam over Thurston Armbrister) and then (Raphael) Kirby to mike. (Tyrone) Cornileus and Armbrister would be at the same spot.

On not having Eddie Johnson:
It impacted everyone. We play 26, 27, and now we're playing 21. You need those guys for reps. We wanted to get some guys on the field. Buchanan was a starter and he got hurt early in the season. Cain was a starter at one point. Gabe Terry started against Boston College. Now Johnson. All those guys are unavailable now. That's just where we're at.

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