QUOTEBOARD: Clemson 77 PC 44

CLEMSON - Perhaps the biggest thing most telling stat from Clemson's 77-44 win over PC on Monday night was the assist-to-turnover ratio.

Led by starting point guard Rod Hall, who handed out five assists and played a turnover free game, the Tigers finished with 18 dimes and just six turnovers.

Three-to-one ain't too shabby.

"Offensively, the best thing about tonight is we took care of the ball," Brad Brownell said.

Milton Jennings had team-highs with 16 points and six rebounds. He also had two assists and two turnovers.

The senior from Summerville raved about the team's unselfish nature.

"We see each other. That's the biggest thing," he said. "Nobody is selfish on our team. Nobody looks to just take it and go 1-on-1, unless it's like five seconds on the shot clock. That's about it."

Strong starts…

"We've got a young team. For a young team to start out good and finish good, that's great, a great sign of a young team that has a little bit of maturity to it." - Jennings

"That was big. That just makes you relax a little bit and then you can just play. We had one bad stretch there with some of the young guys where I was disappointed. They went on a good run. I called timeout and put the starters back in. Those guys played well and pushed it right back up. That's some of the growing pains we're going to go through with young players." - Brownell

On the defensive end…

"That was a big key coming into the game. There perimeter guys are good 3-point shooters. [Ryan] Downing and [Khalid] Mutakabbir, especially, can make 3-point shots. Austin Anderson can make a 3 when he has some space, so we really tried to work hard." - Brownell

"Defense is going to be our thing this year. Coming into the season, I bet you, 9 times out of 10, people are going to be like, ‘How are they going to score?' But we're doing a tremendous job of scoring. On top of that, we're playing such great defense that we're getting easy layups and Book's getting dunks on fast breaks." - Jennings

"We gave up some 1-on-1 to [Joshua] Clyburn and that was fine. We weren't going to help. He did a good job of making some plays and tough baskets." - Brownell

"We're getting good fast breaks off the steals and blocks. It's just leading to good offense." - Jennings

The freshmen…

"Definitely, pretty confident, each one of those are trying to fight for a spot. Just coming off the bench they know they have to bring hard work and energy to every game and every practice. They're into it." - Devin Booker

"I thought they did well. They didn't have to play in any difficult situations. We were playing with a lead all night. It was pretty comfortable. For an opening performance, I thought they did some good things. Adonis [Filer] made a couple of 3's early, which was. [Jordan] Roper had some nice baskets. I thought, defensively, they were reasonably solid." - Brownell

"I think that'll help the team out a lot, having confident freshmen. They can come in and just make a change. I think that's good." - K.J. McDaniels

"I looked over to coach [Earl] Grant about Adonis. He plays the best ‘D' I've seen on a point guard, or any of their good players. He just jams them full court. You know how tremendous that is when they get over half-court and there's 25 seconds left and he just jammed them for 10 seconds. You do that for the whole game, whoever's got the ball, they don't want the ball no more -- I promise you that. Hell, yeah. They don't want it no more." - Jennings

From downtown…

"Obviously, with the way they were playing, they played some zone. It created some space for us to shoot in the zone." - Brownell

"We had good inside, outside game. It allowed K.J. [McDaniels], myself, T.J. to hit a few 3's, Roper. We're going to have to keep it up." - Jennings

I think we're going to need to make six or seven 3's in a lot of games, or more, to win against good teams. I was very pleased with the percentage we shot tonight. Thirty-nine percent is very good." - Brownell

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