Johnson back, Hurns injured

Read on for all the latest surrounding UM's football team a few days before their game against South Florida on Saturday.

Al Golden spoke to the media today.

On the importance of these last two games:
"Everyone needs to understand, when you walk into this building, is we have to win the Coastal if we're ever going to get back to where we want to be."

On the excitement of possibly playing in the ACC Title game:
"Lets go travel to Charlotte and play against Florida State or Clemson -- both in the Top 10."

On the return of Eddie Johnson:
"Eddie is back at practice. Hopefully he learned from it and can look back 2-3 years from now and see how he let his teammates down. He won't start. Gabe is not back yet."

On a hand injury to Allen Hurns:
"Allen has a cast on his hand and we're protecting him in practice. We'll see how it evolves by Thursday. He has a crack in his thumb and we'll see how he works through it. He could (play with a cast)."

On there being more suspensions all over college football now:
"It hasn't really changed. It's just that back in the day, you'd just leave a guy home. Now they're **** enough to tweet during the game that they're not there."

On the senior starters -- Brandon McGee and Mike James:
"They've been incredible. Brandon doesn't get enough credit for being the leader he is. He's blessed with a lot of raw talent but he's now committed to working on his trade. He's a leader for us. I can't say enough about Mike James. There are other guys, like Davon Johnson. He's one of the greatest stories of the year. I wish I had Davon for a couple more years. Jake Wieclaw has been fantastic. Botts has had a great season."

On Darius Smith losing playing time:
"There are other guys playing better right now. He has an opportunity every day in practice. Curtis Porter has taken some of his reps away. Same with Earl Moore and Dequan Ivery. That's college football for you."

On Ladarius Gunter:
"We didn't have any corners so Paul Williams went out and brought back a good group. He's a sophomore. We're happy with his progress. Tracy Howard has really grown up. Antonio Crawford has stepped up. We saw him playing Miramar, covering guys, and went up and got him. Nate Dortch is going to be very good. We got Larry redshirting, so there will be some separation there."

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