Johnson injured, Cain to play

Davon Johnson suffered an injury this week. Kelvin Cain is set to return to the rotation. Read on for the rest of today's news and notes.

On preparing for USF:
I thought we got a lot done today. We should be OK. We had the bye week and then had nine days before Virginia. They had a bye but we'll take care of our side.

On Davon Johnson getting injured:
Davon is injured but to what extent, we don't know yet. We don't know. Herb's had a big role all week, after DJ got dinged yesterday. Herb, Allen, Phil, Kendal, Kidd, and Dallas will all take a role in the game. And the tight ends need to step up too. I was just talking about him yesterday, how hard he's worked and how far he's come.

On the progress of freshman Danny Dillard:
Danny could have passed for a linebacker. He came in at 228, and now he's 210. He's moving better. We're excited about Danny. He's done a great job with his body, and needs a whole year to finish that. He came in a little heavy, and not where his conditioning needed to be. He has a little hamstring (issue) this week.

On Allen Hurns being limited as a blocker:
If Allen's going out there Saturday, I can't tell him how to play. He's tough, a competitor. He'll find a brace, tape, or something that he feels familiar with. Allen will do a good job. We'll be OK there.

On the blocks on Duke's long return:
Incredible effort. Leading by example. Second and third effort. It's a reason why you have big plays. Herb, Mike, Mo Hagens, and Allen had significant blocks on the long kick return. We're not where we need to be on special teams. We have more buy in this year than past years but we're not where we need to be.

On Kelvin Cain's progress:
Kelvin's doing a good job. We're gonna try getting him into the rotation. We don't hold grudges. All indications are that he's made some changes, and he's done a nice job in return.

On Gabe Terry's return:
Gabe will not be with us this week.

On Denzel Perryman's status:
Denzel is doing good. Maybe his conditioning (will be lacking) a bit but he'll be fine.

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