McGee prepares for final home game

Brandon McGee is gearing up for his final home game as a Miami Hurricane. Read on to see what the starting cornerback is saying about that.

Q: Have you ever talked to players how that final game is like?
A: Not necessarily applying it to the game, but I do talk to them about their last year and their progress for their last year.

Q: Do you think about legacies at this point?
A: You definitely want to leave a mark. You just want to finish off the season on a positive note, especially since I'm a senior. It's my last chance at home to represent.

Q: When you look back at your UM days, are you happy with them?
A: Absolutely. There's been so much growth. A lot of grind, a lot of experience, a lot that I've been through. Not just as a student athlete, but as a person. Just living life and meeting people that I've been able to meet and just being around the group of guys that I have had is a blessing.

Q: Looking forward, how close do you think this team is to getting where it needs to get to keep winning?
A: I really see what coach Golden is doing, since he's been here and what he's implemented. I think we're really on the verge. You just have to trust on the system because you know it's designable. I think this group is going to continue to grow and mature.

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