Dorsett: We just have to hang in there

Phillip Dorsett has been Miami's big play receiver this season. He's being counted on to be a big part of Miami's late season surge. Read on to see what he's saying about what's left.

Q: Are you guys worried that if you become eligible for a bowl you won't be able to go?
A: We don't worry about it. Whatever happens happens. Coach Golden doesn't pull the trigger. Whatever happens we can't blame him.

Q: You have lost some of your receivers for at least your next game (Scott & Hurns). How much do you miss those guys know going into this game?
A: I'm going to miss them a lot out there. It's kind of hard not having [Rashawn] out there. He's a great teammate and a great player, but we just got to work with what we got right now.

Q: Have you ever played as receiver with a hand wrapped up or hurt?
A: No. I know it's tough. It's going to be tough catching, but blocking part is going to be even worst.

Q: How tough has this season been?
A: It's been real tough, but coach Golden talks to us every day, and we just got to hang in there.

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