QUOTEBOARD: Clemson 72 Furman 55

GREENVILLE - Tied at 12 during the second media timeout, Clemson went on a 29-12 run during Friday night's win over Furman at Timmons Arena.

Brad Brownell noted a "lack of attention to detail" on the defensive end in the first few minutes nine minutes or so of the 72-55 victory.

"hat's not how we're going to Tplay and be successful," he said. "[I] got after them pretty good in that timeout. They responded and did much better, played with a better sense of urgency, especially on the defensive end. The offense just kind of came, too."

Rod Hall, K.J. McDaniels and company heard the message loud and clear.

At one point, the Tigers' run was at 23-4.

"It was our intensity that made us get the big run… I think defense was the key in the first half, to get the lead up," Hall said.

McDaniels added, "We had to lock in, defensively. We didn't want it to be a back-and-forth game, a dog fight throughout the whole thing.

"Coach Brownell got onto us about that. We had to lock in and just focus."

Booker and Jennings' foul trouble…

"Bernard [Sullivan] was a part of that run. He did some good things in the first half. Landry [Nnoko] didn't do well his first couple of times in, but better after that." - Brownell

"We really needed them. I was trying to tell them to play smart…we did good without them. They were still supporting us." - Hall

"I got in foul trouble early and we had a couple of freshmen, sophomores step up. That's what we want on our team." - Booker

Spread out scoring…

"I think that's probably going to be the recipe for our team this year. I don't know that we have potent guys that are ready to have big nights. It's going to be a bunch of guys getting 10, 8, 12 when we're playing well. We got that tonight. That's a good thing. That's not as easy to key on one guy." - Brownell

"That's something about our team. We've got a lot of depth. We've got a lot of guys that can step up and make plays." - Booker

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