Golden talks about bowl decision

Read on to see what head coach Al Golden was saying today, following the school's decision to forgo a bowl game this season.

On his reaction:
Disappointed. We've overcome a lot. We'll stay together. We're a strong group and I think they'll play well. I addressed it and then we went right back to work.

On what he can do:
Control the things they can. The rest is out of our control. This is not a situation where we can go backwards. We have a great opportunity on Saturday. I think they'll respond. They've answered for us all year, for two years, so they'll be fine.

On how he stays confident:
We'll get it fixed. Think about where we were at the beginning of the year, picked to finish fifth in our Division with no players on the All-Conference team. Give kids a lot of credit. We played a tough schedule with a young team. They're still fighting, still competing.

On the opportunities maybe lost:
When you get that call, you still have hope. I'd love to coach the guys in a game in Charlotte. I'd like to stay focused on Duke, and then take them to Charlotte and have a chance to play in a BCS game. We've given up a lot, a chance to have a rematch against our rival. Our seniors and our team has given up a lot.

On missing the extra bowl practices:
We'll get over that. We like to coach the kids. What we don't get done on the field, we'll get done in the weightroom and in the classroom.

On his name being linked to other jobs:
I have a great job here. I can see the end. I know it's hard. I see what Randy Johnson's doing. I see three guys going over 100 yards -- sophomores and freshmen. Look at the Denzels, the Deons. I'm very passionate about UM and what I'm doing. We'll get our goals accomplished. We had one senior starter on offense and one on defense. We're excited, and we'll get it done. I have the confidence in our coaches and players to get through it. Miami's been through it before. We'll get through it.

On how he deals with people linking him with other jobs:
I'm ignoring it, like I've ignored everything else. I try showing you Raising Canes to show you what we're doing. We're really close. I know it's hard to see. We're five points from being undefeated on the Coastal side. We've played two number ones and a number six with a young team. Our coaches are doing one heck of a job and I'm here to lead them.

On the opportunities for the young players:
I think we have the right group of kids. The kids understand when Reggie Wayne and Dan Morgan and everyone came in 97, 98, and what it turned into. They played so early, and played so many games, and ultimately became a great team. That's my goal here.

On what he was told:
Just that it was a tough decision and all the facts were considered. The President and Blake made the decision, and that's it. We're not discouraged. Our guys will stay focused, and play great football on Saturday.

On potentially losing scholarships:
I've already factored it in with this class. I can't comment on the investigation but I already factored it in. They'll tell us but I've already started down the road of factoring it in with this class.

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