Fisch on offensive standouts

Read on to see what offensive coordinator Jedd Fisch was saying about some of the offensive performances from Saturday's win over USF.

On Herb Waters:
I thought it was awesome the way he stepped up. That's his first start. That was a pressure catch, not an easy one to make. It was exciting to see Herb go. All the receivers stepped up.

On Kendal Thompkins:
It was great to get him the touchdown pass. It was a beautiful catch he made on Ryan's ball at the end. He also made an incredible block on the ball Randy fumbled. He made some really good plays.

On missing the extra bowl practices:
You can say having 15 practices is better than none. It is what it is. We'll have a great spring, and will have everyone back. Everyone's gonna be playing stronger and faster. Their knowledge will be much better.

On Clive Walford:
There's a ton more potential out there. He can be as good as he wants to be. He's strong, athletic, and fast, and we'll find ways to get him the ball, use him in the passing game. He's really becoming a nice blocker, too.

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