ACC Sues Maryland Over Conference Exit Fee

The Atlantic Coast Conference is suing the University of Maryland over the $50 million exit fee.

A week after the University of Maryland officially announced their move to the Big Ten Conference, the Atlantic Coast Conference is now suing the University of Maryland to ensure that they will pay the approximate $50 million exit fee.

Maryland will need to pay the ACC $52,266,342, according the lawsuit. The University of Maryland's president, Wallace D. Loh, voted against raising the exit fee back in September. The measure ended up passing with Maryland and Florida State being the only two schools to vote against the increase.

The decision to file the lawsuit was a unanimous decision among the ACC's council of presidents, according to a statement from ACC Commissioner John Swofford. The lawsuit is to ensure that the University of Maryland will honor their obligation and pay the exit fee.

Maryland is scheduled to begin Big Ten play in July of 2014.

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