Golden: We just wanted to outscore people

When asked if he was going to watch the championship game this Saturday Al Golden replied "I probably won't be. I hope I'll be at a recruiting dinner with someone that will help us get into that game." Read on to see what else he was saying on Tuesday.

On recruiting
My first focus is with the current team. I've met with maybe fifty guys in the last two days, and we'll have to get everybody else this afternoon and tomorrow. We'll have a recruiting weekend this week, and then I'll be out the following two weeks.

It's definitely more focused and personalized and selective. We just don't need that many, and we're just trying to find the right ones, and we're being patient. We're just going through it methodically and making sure that we know exactly where we are with our team and what are needs are.

On picking up junior college players
I think it's important. I think if I was a JC player on the other side, I would want to go somewhere where they have a need. We certainly have needs in a couple positions, so we will definitely entertain that –where we need maturity; where we need instant help; where we don't have time to redshirt. I'm not going to give all those positions away, but I think we all know that in certain positions we need some maturity, and we need guys to supplement and impact what we have coming back.

On Dallas Crawford's role for the 2013 season
He grew as the season went on, and he was a freshman. We started to trust him, and we started to feel more comfortable with him. So I imagine that's going to be a part of every four- five game plan moving forward, because he did a nice job with it down the stretch. Dallas himself has skills, and he's tough. I've said a million times, he's got moxie, he's tough, and coaches love him. I can see him as a tail back. I can seem him as a third down back. He's not afraid to protect. We can deploy him, like we do with Randy, in the slot or in empty. He's going to have a big role for us moving forward.

On Duke Johnson's development for the next season
I think that the offseason program is going to help him handle more yet keep his productivity where we want it, and that's really what we're trying to balance this year. In the middle there he hit a wall a little bit, if you will. But, like I said to him, we want to keep your odometer down and your touches and productivity up. We're always going to be careful with him. We don't want to wear him out in two years. We want him to have a long career, and part of that is keeping some balance there and keeping him fresh.

On Stephen Morris's growth this year
In addition to the other 99 things that keep me up at night, that is probably the one that hurts the most, because we have probably the hottest quarterback in America, right now, over the last four games. He is white hot, and I wish we would have a chance to bring a hot quarterback into a championship game. He's just spectacular. So, I'm excited for him. He's so mature, just the way he's handle these last two weeks. He's grown into a man and a tremendous leader. He's going to work hard and get his weight up and be a great leader off the field.

On the defense
To be honest with you, Mark should be as mad as anybody because imagine coming to the University of Miami and having to play with a bunch of kids. He's got only one corner in the program [that's a senior], Brandon McGee. He's the one that should be mad, and he is mad, and he's going to fight. Everybody wants this change or that change. He ain't a quitter, and none of us are. This staff is working together, and we're excited on moving forward. The guys that we have that have played gave up a 99 yrd touchdown the other down. You want me to sell out what happened on the play? That a young kid went the wrong way and gave up a 99 yard touchdown? I think everybody knows, but I wouldn't trade that kid for anybody. One of our captains on defense, Shayon Green, it's his first year starting. I don't even think that people understand that. The juniors have to grow up. We didn't have Curtis Porter until the last four games, and he still only played like 30 plays a game. I think he can make a big difference. So, again, I'm not discouraged. I'm disappointed. I wish we could have played better, but it's not the function of the defense, it's the decision that I made to say hey, we're so young on defense that we're going to have to outscore people. So let's go, Jedd. Pick up the tempo, don't worry about time of possession and just score more than the opposition, and that hurts your defense. But that's a decision that I made, because we weren't in a good position on defense coming out of the spring.

On the defining moments in the 2012 season
Well, you know, to beat Virginia Tech was a big thing. We haven't really done that much in the last decade. I think for a lot of young guys to step up and contribute helped us hold it together. Although it was painful to go through, at the time, I think the schedule is going to help us as we move forward. But I think [the players] looks back and see what the number one teams look like and what we need to get there. I thought Stephen's growth was also pivotal.

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