Ross recaps visit to Washington

Long Beach Jordan (Calif.) wide out John Ross took an official visit to Washington over the weekend and the Huskies are doing well with the talented athlete.

John Ross is very familiar with the Washington program as this was the third visit he has taken to Seattle this year. He camped with the Huskies last summer and attended the Washington-San Diego State game during the season.

"I'm very comfortable at Washington, it feels like home to me," Ross said. "I feel like I know the place really well and I've seen the entire campus and football facilities three times now. The cool thing about this visit was I got to see more of the city and Seattle is a real cool place.

"It actually reminds me a lot of Long Beach except bigger. I really liked it a lot though and I can definitely see myself at Washington and being comfortable there for the next four years of my life."

Ross said another big plus with Washington is how he would fit in with the offense.

"My goal is to play in the NFL and Washington runs a pro-style offense," Ross said. "They want to use me as a slot receiver and move me around and I'm very comfortable with that. Coach Sark is a good offensive mind and they're brining in some good quarterbacks so the offense is definitely a plus.

"John Timu was my host and he's from Jordan. There are actually three former teammates there and that's a bonus for sure. It's not the biggest factor for me but they help me feel comfortable there and that's obviously important, especially if you decide to go away from home.

"There wasn't a single negative about the trip, it was all positives. I loved it there but I was never tempted to commit or anything. I have two more trips left and I plan to take both of them. I'm still going through the process here but I think after my next visit this weekend to UCLA, I'll be close to making a decision and I should have a good idea of what I want to do."

Ross said he has already had home visits with Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and UCLA.

"They were all good, it was all the receiver coaches from each school," Ross said. "Coach Yarber from UCLA, Coach Dougherty at Washington, Coach Frost at Oregon and Coach Brennan at Oregon State are all good guys and I'm very comfortable with all of them.

"This UCLA visit will be big for me because I'm very high on them and just want to see how I click with all the players and coaches there. I've been to the campus several times but have never really seen anything other than the football side so I want to see everything they have to offer and I'll go from there. For my last visit, I'm still looking at Arizona, Wisconsin, Nebraska and a few others but I just want to take this trip and then I'll play everything else by ear."

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