Locker Room Report: Mark Gottfried

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Mark Gottfried met with the media to discuss the Pack's win over Norfolk State.

Mark Gottfried

"Our defense generated some offense. I thought in the stretch of the game when we opened up the lead, I thought our defense keyed everything."

"I thought defensively we're getting a lot better. I still think we can improve, but I think we are starting to show signs of a team that can guard somebody here and there."

"I thought Richard tonight was just spectacular again. He just gets every rebound. He's cleaning up some mistakes defensively when we make them."

"I thought T.J. off the bench... he's 9-of-11, he's efficient. He just played really well."

"A lot of guys did a lot well, but I thought for us the defense was better than it has been and I still think we can get a lot better defensively."

"We had 21 assists tonight which was really good, but I thought a couple of times in the break we were a little too cute. We just need to finish it, get baskets and make the right play. I thought we tried to get a little too fancy a few times."

"We're sharing the ball more, finding guys... tonight we did a really good job of that."

"I like the fact that [Lorenzo] went 7-of-8 from the field. His shooting percentages haven't been that good, but he's a much better shooter than that."

"Good night for him, hopefully that gives him a little more confidence offensively. He needs to score for us. I don't want point guards who can't score at all. That doesn't help your team. He has to be able to distribute the ball, run the offense, and score."

"Jordan just kind of tweaked his knee the other day. I think he could have played. We did a MRI, it was negative, no tears, but I think more for us it was just a precaution. We just need to make sure he doesn't do anything to re-injure it or irritate his knee and hopefully he'll be ready to play Tuesday. We'll see how he feels."

"I think we have unselfish players. I think we very rarely take a forced, selfish shot. I just don't see those very often."

"I do think our system helps our guys. There is no question of that."

"We shoot 57% tonight and I still think we can be a lot better offensively, a lot better. We can run our offense better, read our offense better. We just have a long ways to go there, but I do like the fact that right now our percentage is really high. That's helping us."

"I like it when people press us. I think we can handle it, I think we can make you pay sometimes."

"Scott got in foul trouble tonight and never got in a flow. Richard has been in foul trouble a number of nights and never get in the flow."

"[Richard] is developing some discipline defensively."

"We're a lot better as a team when all of them are out of foul trouble."

"He's pretty good. I've had a couple [good rebounders] but [Richard Howell] is as good as I've had probably. His hands are so good. When he gets his hands on it, he's got it."

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