Midland Lee TE Eric Winston Considering Miami

Here is a quick Q & A with one of the better TE prospects in Texas this year. As big as Eric is already he is determined to play TE in college. He is currently at a 4.77 in the 40 so he may get his wish.

DG: "Eric, thanks for returning my call."

Eric: "It's an old habit."

DG: "Old, but good. How did baseball, I meant basketball, go this summer?"

Eric: "It went real well. We just returned from Las Vegas and Los Angeles. We're finished for the summer now."

DG: "Did you win any tournaments?"

Eric: "We won the one at College Station, but we were competitive in all of them."

DG: "Whom did you play with again?"

Eric: "I played for Team Texas Select in the AAU."

DG: "When does coach Parchman have you back?"

Eric: "We begin two-a-days on Monday for a week, then start back to school on the 13th."

DG: "How big are you now?"

Eric: "I'm 6-7 and between 260-265."

DG: "Still running in the 4.7-range?" (Note: Eric ran a 4.77 this spring.)

Eric: "Yes sir."

DG: "Tell me, how life is going to be for the Rebels after Cedric Benson?"

Eric: "I've been expecting that question. We need to forget about Cedric and I don't mean that in a negative way. He was a great player that helped us win ball games and I'm certain he'll help Texas win games, but I think we're going to be fine back there. Freddy Jones, who can run a 10.5, and Jacoby Kendrick will be at tailback and Shawn Murphy at fullback. We just need to move forward as a team."

DG: "Do you have an idea of where you're going to make your official visits?"

Eric: "I have it down to five—Texas A&M, Texas, Michigan, Notre Dame and Miami."

DG: "Who did you visit this summer?"

Eric: "I visited Notre Dame when we had a tournament up in Indiana. I was at Texas in early June and had a lot of fun there. And we had the tournament at College Station and my brother, of course, is attending school there."

DG: "Do you think you'll take all five visits?"

Eric: I'm not sure. I know I'll take at least three or four, it's just depends on if I get tired of the process. But this is a big decision and I'm going to go about it in a business-like manner."

DG: "And it's tight end all the way, right?"

Eric: "Yes sir."

DG: "Eric, thanks for the update and I'll be in touch."

Eric: "Thank you."

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