Blazevich breaks it down

Most 2014 prospects are searching for bigger offers if they are lucky enough to have a few under their belt at this time, while others are still patiently waiting for that initial extension. Then there's the short list of top-tier players, like Jeb Blazevich, that already have their recruitment broken down to finalists with a decision target in mind. The elite tight goes in-depth on each inside.

Jeb Blazevich is somewhat oblivious to why he is ranked highly by and other recruiting services, but he still welcomes the expectation and placement. The humble 2014 product out of Charlotte (N.C.) Christian laughed when we asked him to describe his play, so naturally he deffered it to what most college coaches tell him.

"The way that a lot of coaches have put it…the thing that I can offer is that they can have two positions without changing personnel," said the 6-foot-5, 240 pound tight end. " They can spread me out, they can move me out wide or even in the backfield. I can play those roles and on the next play bust some heads in the box and block for them.

"I can stay on the field offensively and not have to send in two or three guys for different packages."

It is the aforementioned qualities, as well as solid faith-based character and drive that has led to well over a dozen BCS-type scholarship offers at a young age. Blazevich and his support staff have been reeling in extensions for over a year now, and the junior standout released a top six of Alabama, Notre Dame, Georgia, Clemson, Ohio State and Ole Miss shortly before completing the fall semester at Charlotte Christian.

Getting to that point was as organized an effort as it gets in the recruiting process.

"First, we we're looking around for coaches integrity, a winning tradition, the ability to go there and to be a productive payer," Blazevich shared. "My coaches, my parents and I sat down and tried to picture places I could actually see myself going to. These are the six where I feel like I can go, and where I will pick a final college out of.

"We knew we had to cut it down and take the first step into saying 'no' to schools. It wasn't so much who we could add, but who couldn't we cut."

Even since the trim to the half-dozen finalists, the three-star has kept his word and actually turned away additional programs that have tried to get into the mix recently.

"Southern Cal and Oklahoma, Coach [Bob] Stoops, came by but I told them respectfully that it was too late," he said. "That's pretty much what I'm telling everybody now that's coming in now for the first time."

The six schools Blazevich shall select from each bring something different to the table, and he touched on why each made the cut.

Alabama: " It's just a big well-oiled machine. It has a bunch of tiny gears that are replaceable. If you go there, you're going to be a part of something bigger than yourself, something that is going to be successful no matter what. It's just a machine, it's not going to change…they just have studs. So if I go there, it's wondering if I want to be a part of that machine."

Notre Dame: "The thing I like is the Alumni group, and the degree of course, but also they put out a lot of good tight ends into the league. Everybody was telling me, ‘you've got to go up there, you can't say no without going up there.' I pretty much took their word for it, and I'll be making a trip up there."

Georgia: "The coaching staff is just, football out of it, they're just high-quality character men. Coach [Mark] Richt and coach [John] Lilly are just two of the best Christian men that you could ask for to coach you. Then when you throw football in there, they're also very successful on the field and Coach Lilly does an amazing job coaching tight ends. Plus Athens is a great college town."

Clemson: " I've pretty much known Clemson for my entire football life. I've got to know them really good, I love the coaching staff and I don't know what it is about thee but when you go there you feel comfortable and at home. It's just something about that. My older brother Davis goes there, so I've been down there football aside and spent the night in his apartment and stuff. I feel comfortable just because I've been around there."

Ohio State: "It's one of the two northern schools I'm looking at, but I feel like Coach [Urban] Meyer is a great man. He gets a bad rap sometimes, but I stick up for him in the sense that he is a quality man and he has a good character. I just love that coaching staff, they've been showing me a lot of love lately an that's an important factor."

Ole Miss: "My mom's whole side of the family went there, so I kept them on the list just for family and political reasons. But once I met Coach [Hugh] Freeze and he came by the school, it turned into ‘wow this is a great school for me.' Not just because my family said so. They're getting a ton of five-star guys that are just studs; I think they are on the rise. I may want to be a part of that, they're like ‘let's go build a dynasty.'

Blazevich plans to get back to each school once more this spring either for a Junior Day or spring practice. Notre Dame was the only school he hadn't seen on a game day to this point, but he'll get to South Bend soon enough. Once he takes in each school one last time, a decision won't be far off.

"I need to pray about it and sit down and say ‘what's important to me in college,' and prioritize my list," he added. "My dad, my coach, my mom and my family have helped me organize this. I'm not too bright, I just listen to them."

"But in terms of a decision, God-willing, I want to be done with it before senior summer," Blazevich continued. "It might take a little bit longer than that, but as soon as I know I want to pull the trigger…get it out of the way and get back to being a kid again and focus on high school football."

Blazevich is currently the No. 7 tight end in the entire class of 2014 on

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