Favorable matchup

CLEMSON - Spencer Shuey likes the no-bones-about-it running attack that he'll see from LSU on New Year's Eve in the Georgia Dome.

Downhill football is right up his alley.

"It's definitely exciting. My favorite part of the game is the physical aspect of it," he said last week, before Christmas. "It's good to know that they're not going to go out and try to trick us and it's just going to be smash mouth football, which I think fits me the best."

Since taking over as the starting middle linebacker in the Virginia Tech game, Shuey has 64 tackles, five tackles for loss and a sack in 357 snaps.

He'll need to be on his game against the Cajun Tigers.

"They don't really try to trick you. They just try to line up and test you as a man, try to test your toughness," Shuey said.

Well-aware of the physical nature LSU plays with on both sides of the ball, the Clemson coaches ratcheted up the pre-holiday practices in Tigertown.

"We've had some physical practices, some tough practices, just working on little things, trying to get better as an offense and a defense, and as a team, trying to correct some small things and get prepared for our game in Atlanta," Shuey said.

The 6-foot-3, 230-pound redshirt junior from Charlotte offered his breakdown of LSU.

"They've got a great line, a variety of running backs. They've got a bunch of guys they put in there, some great receivers," he said. "They try to come off and establish the run game. Once they're able to do that, they're able to throw the ball a little bit, which they can do well."

Shuey welcomes the challenge.

"I definitely look at this as my type of game," he said. "It's downhill, just straight filling the holes. I'm definitely looking forward to this game."

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